Thank you to everyone who supports A ROB ACADEMY in any way.  We are very happy with the struggles we have overcome and successes we have been able to achieve this year; throughout facility changes and on and off Covid closures/shut-downs, the program has experienced great growth! 
As we come to a close for the Spring season and break, I wanted to acknowledge some of the accomplishments we've had this year listed below.  We could not have done this without your support, generosity and your trust in us to provide your child with the proper skills and development that they will need to grow as smart and talented athletes. We are happy to say that this year we were able to offer 12 scholarship programs to athletes in need, as well as secure spaces for the upcoming year through services, donations and work relationships.  In the next year, we look forward to growing these numbers even more, being able to offer more scholarships to players in need, secure more gym time for our athletes, and most importantly keep cost down. Your generous donations are what helps our program grow.  


  • Spring 2021- Two teams vs. Spring 2022- 5 teams!
  • Spring 2021-44 kids in program (team, classes, and/or training) vs. Spring 2022-96 kids in the program (team, classes, and/or training)
  • 3 coaches in Spring 2021 vs. 7 Coaches in Spring 2022
  • 7 players are going to colleges of their choice to pursue both academics and athletics.
  • 3 players have been rewarded with full college scholarships
  • Year-round facility usage on demand
  • Most gym time-court time of any program this year (Our players are able to get in the gym more frequently than any program, that is where the development comes from).
  • 14 program scholarships awarded