Meet the A ROB Academy Coaches!


Andy Robinson is the owner and Director at A ROB Academy. Andy grew up in Schenectady, NY and moved back to NYC where he was born when he was 8 years old. He started playing basketball in the 5th grade and continued all throughout childhood. He received a scholarship to play D1 basketball for the University at Buffalo then went on to play professionally for 4 years. After getting injured, tearing both Achilles, he wanted to keep doing what he loved so he decided to go into coaching. Andy’s goal was to teach fundamentals and the IQ of the sport to players ranging from elementary school aged players to the pro-level.

Andy has 15 years’ coaching experience, where he has coached summer camps and directed basketball development and AAU programs. He is also a Full-time PE and Health teacher. Andy started working with private clients and collaborating with other companies and programs which led him to start A Rob Academy.

Andy hopes from his trainings that players leave with the understanding that they’re getting the best quality of coaching and development anywhere.  At A Rob Academy we hope players leave being the best version they can be with the knowledge of the sport.

Andy’s message to his players: “Never coast through anything. If it is something you really want, go after it and try your best. Don’t ever be too afraid to fail because the biggest regret you will have is that you didn’t try hard enough and knowing you should and could have.” 


Flynn Pyykkonen started playing basketball when she was 9 years old. Flynn played throughout high school and on nationally ranked teams in AAU. She also played D1 on a scholarship at The University at Buffalo. Flynn has been coaching for 2 years. She focuses her training on helping players develop confidence and consistency in mid-range to 3-point shooting as well as continuing to have passion for the game.

Outside of coaching, Flynn is the CEO and founder of Makeup By Flynn, a hair and makeup team within television, film, celebrity styles, fashion, events, and bridal.

Flynn’s message to her players: “Being part of a team is essential in life. We have to work together in order to be successful.”


Gregory Gamble played high school, college, and semi-pro basketball. He has been coaching for 7 years. Gregory wants players to get the skill development that makes a player great with his training sessions. Outside of coaching, Gregory works in higher education.

Gregory’s message to players: “Always get back up and do the ordinary, extraordinarily well. “