Maximizing your Solo Training Sessions

2020 has been the year of unprecedented times. Covid-19 has created a lot of road blocks. One of those road blocks has been not necessarily being able to train with your team or attend open gyms to strengthen your skills. There are ways however, to get the best out of your solo workouts and maximize results. 

3 areas you can work on when training solo...

  1. Work on your dribbling and ball handling- focus on specific movements or areas you may typically have trouble with come game time, like breakaways, dribbling with your head down, forgetting to incorporate footwork, or acting before you ensure the ball is secure.
  2. Follow-through and form- Stay away from casual shooting as it causes your muscle memory to become more casual during a game setting. You also want to make sure your legs aren’t straight during shooting, and focusing on your shot form is key.
  3. Shooting - Create challenges for yourself like tracking your shots from specific shooting points. If you need to strengthen your 3-point shooting create a challenge to get 10 of your next 15 shots. Creating and tracking these challenges allows you to track your results and keeps you motivated.


It is important even when training solo to stay consistent. You want to train several times a week and keep yourself accountable.