List of Top Podcasts for Basketball Players and Fans:

Whether you are a basketball fan wanting to get a deep dive into the analysis of the game, a player looking for advice and insights from top players, past and present, or looking to get a quick recap of what’s happening in the game, you will find a podcast for you in this list.

This list includes podcasts focused around college ball, or NBA/WNBA. Here is our list of top podcasts depending on your listening style. 

For more entertainment, lighthearted, comedic relief type listening focused around the game:

The greatest of all talk with Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver

Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld

Jalen and Jacoby


For great interviews with players, coaches, and other guests within college and NBA:

Solving basketball -  for College ball focused interviews

The Woj Pod – for NBA focused interviews


For those looking for a deep dive and focus on analytics and the inner workings of the NBA:

Dunc’d on

The Lowe Post Hosted by Zach Lowe


For a quick Listen to get your daily basketball news fix (Average podcast lasting 20-25 minutes an episode):

Daily Ding

Locked On - NBA