Gender Inequality, Pay Disparity in Sports: WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

(BLOG by Ariella)
Dear Basketball & Tennis Enthusiasts,
My name is Ariella, I’m 10 years old and I am from Manhattan, New York. I am such big fan of yours. I love the game of Tennis. I really enjoyed watching your brilliant and legendary forehand in the US Open. I also enjoyed seeing women play. Unfortunately, I have noticed that there are some people who think women do not deserve to get paid as much as men do. As a girl this really does effect me in a way that makes my confidence level go down. I really appreciate how much you contribute to making an effort to support equality for men and women salaries. I really believe that we can make a stand. I also believe that you should create a program for young girls that include standing up for equality. In the program, there should be outstanding men and women players who support equality. I am thinking that the teachers should be Andy Murray, John Eisner, Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams, and Bianca Andreescu. This is not just for me and other young girls. This is for the whole women world of Tennis including already professionals like Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams, and Bianca Andreescu.  Women who deserve to be paid equally as men, like Raphael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. I want to "rock" the USOpen but I will not unless this issue is resolved and taken care of. It is also important to think about that this is not just going on in Tennis, this is going on in all sports and even in corporate jobs. Sports are my passion. It is becoming an awful community because of comparing Women and Men. My favorite sports, Basketball, Tennis and Football are my passion for the future but now it is becoming sports where Women are being mistreated and getting less pay because of their gender. Is that right?  If we do not make a stand who knows what will happen to our sports community.  Another issue in Tennis, many people believe that Men are stronger and better than Women which is absolutely not okay. Women take as much time and effort to become a Professional like men. So, it is not right to be critical about who puts in more effort or who is stronger. To prove my point, is it true that Men and Women go to the gym? The answer is yes. Is it true that Women and Men perform in the same competitions? Yes. Is it true that Men and Women are both humans? Yes!... Another point is Chairmen and Chairwomen of Tennis do not make the correct calls because they really want their genders to win the match. I think this is absolutely mind blowing! Is it their job to be biased towards genders? No! It is not! As the referees of the game, they should be doing the right thing which is, being fair and not biased based on gender. I would also like to point out that Women do not make as much money. Not just in sports but other occupations as well such as corporate careers. The most disappointing thing is that education for Women is a major issue and has yet to be resolved. I also would like to point out that discrimination against Women has been going on for more than fifty years. We have still have yet to find a solution to this which is shocking. Another point is that women are working twice as hard as men. They have the right to make as much money as Men. Which in case (if you did not know), Men make twice the amount that a Women makes in Tennis. My solution is that I need you to make a camp and help stop this awful situation. Speaking out will give Women more confidence to follow their dreams. We need someone like you, an influential Professional, who will make a stand.
~ Ariella Brill ~
~ "Student" of A ROB ACADEMY ~

(Andy is a huge supporter for girls in Sports which I really appreciate).