Developing basketball IQ

Basketball intelligence is more than just making the right pass and making your shots. To be an intelligent ballplayer you have to develop awareness as to where to be on the court to get the passes, anticipating rebounds, and having full awareness of the court and the players on it.

 Basketball IQ requires 4 things:

  1. Technical Skill

  2. Awareness and understanding of the Game

  3. Attention to detail

  4. Experience 

Ways to Improve your Basketball IQ: 

Do Your Homework: Watch basketball videos and learn the ins and outs, watch how different players react to different scenarios in a game, 

Teamwork: Learn the talents and attributes of your teammates and how you all work together in skill and in knowledge of the game.

Space on the court, Movements, and Skillset: Understand basic skills in shooting, passing, and driving up the court while being aware of the spacing on the court. Be mindful of open space and where you can move and what teammates are open on the court at all times.


Basketball IQ is about the knowledge you have of the game and how you apply it as a player. Focusing on the areas above can help you become a better player and a teammate. Learning never stops.