Conditioning Drills using a basketball to get you in game ready shape


Basketball is a fast paced game. Incorporating challenging conditioning drills is important in developing more speed, agility, and getting you in good shape as a player overall. Just running laps or sprints is good but including ball handling in your conditioning drills creates a more effective way to make players ready for a game environment.

Sideline Sprint Shooting - In this drill, set a basketball on a chair in a spot within the 3-point arc. Start at any area on the sideline and sprint to the ball, pick it up and shoot.

Repeat X10. Count your shots made.

Full-Court Dribble to Layup or Jump shot - Start at one end of the court. Dribble the ball the full length of the court then make a layup as quick as possible.

Get your rebound, then dribble to the other end and shoot a jump shot as quick as possible. 

Repeat this 3X to complete 6 shooting attempts total. Calculate how many you missed, and repeat to try to improve the number of shots made.

1V1 fast Dribble - One player is the ball handler, the other is the defender. The ball handler will start a few steps in front of the defender. Defender starts on the baseline on the inside of offensive player.

The coach or Ball handler says GO. The offensive player is trying to beat the defender to the opposite basket for a layup. The defender is trying to cut the ball handler off before reaching the basket.

Players switch and complete the drill again- Repeat 3X of each player being the ball handler.

**These drills help get you the mindset of taking shots within game time speed and shooting while tired.

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