Best NCAA D1 Training Regimens

Once you get to D1 level play, training gets a lot more intense. D1 training consists of Strength training, sprint speed endurance, explosive lateral movement, jumping power, and stability. Here are some of the top D1 teams and their training regimens. 


Jay Wright’s coaching focuses on solid fundamentals around footwork and skill development. Some of the drills consist of The “Barkley” named after the NBA great Charles Barkley. 

The “Barkley” – This Drill is about driving to the basket and creating a T-Post position. The player driving to the basket works on switching hands and flips his positioning to block his opponent with his shoulder in the low block area. The player has then established a T-post position and can scan the court for an open teammate. This drill allows for the player to extend their possession and gives them a better chance to not lose control. 

Next is The “Nash”- This drill was influenced by Steve Nash – In this drill the player is trying to get by his/her defender for a layup. They practice extending the play by continuing to dribble under the basket. This allows them to scan the court to make a pass to their teammate to either cut or shoot. 


Jim Boeheim’s conditioning workout was created to get his team ready for the season. 

The drill consists of 6 sets and 4 columns. The team is put into 2 groups, group 1 is running while group 2 waits. As soon as group 1 finishes a set, group 2 goes. After each column is completed there is a break starting at a 1 minute rest to a 4 minute rest.  Each set includes 5 exercises: 

Run to the free throw line closest to you.

Run to half court

Run to the opposite baseline

Back Peddle

Side Shuffle 

This conditioning workout is equal to playing one full game without the use of a ball.


There are plenty of other useful tools that can be learned from the Top D1 training workouts and insights from these coaches. With the tournament going on it is a perfect opportunity to see the results of these drills in action.