Best Basketball Websites for Training Tips, Workouts, and News!


For us basketball fans, we live and breathe the game on and off the court. For those looking for extra insight on the game, coaches looking for new drills and training for their team, players looking for videos and content to help develop them as a player, or to stay current on the latest news and analysis of the sport, we have put together a list of some of what we think are the best websites for basketball fans, players, and coaches. Here is our list: - Best for basketball news, current events, and the latest on trades, rankings, and standings. They also provide great in depth charts and analysis for those looking for more in depth knowledge of the game. - Another great source for NBA rankings, current events, great articles, and blog posts to read as well. This would be your best source for NBA draft updates. - This site is great for coaches and players alike. They provide plenty of training drills and workouts for you to practice on your own or for coaches to use during practice. This is a great source of content typically in list form so its easy to navigate specific drills and training material. - Great source for training videos, workouts, and training resources. A lot of college and professional coaches contribute great content to the site. It a great place for new basketball insight for both coaches and players. - Great for basketball fans and players. This is a great source for news and resources on NBA, college, high school and even street level ball.