6 Attributes of the Best Ball Players:

For some, talent comes naturally. However,  having the drive and determination is what makes the greatest players great.  The best players do these 6 things to put them above the competition.


  1. They take no plays off – when you’re tired, it is tempting to not get back on  defense after you executed a good play or a good shot on offense…but the best players never skip a play and always get back to it.

  2. They put in max effort- Put in your maximum effort every play and game. The best work as hard and as fast as  they can every time.

  3. They compete in every drill and practice – The best players don’t slack off during practice – they go hard every time just like they would in a game time environment.

  4. They take accountability- leaders hold themselves and others accountable. Good players will speak up if they see their teammates slack off.

  5. They celebrate their teammates wins- A good leader celebrates with their teammates and knows they can’t do it alone.

  6. They are the first in and the last out- The best know they are never done learning and getting better. It also helps your teammates get better by leading by example, as they notice the ones that work hard. They will follow your lead if they see you push yourself everyday.