4 Ways to Improve Your Ball Handling Skills

Whether you are struggling to create space, get past defenders, or just want more confidence when handling the ball, making small changes in form and movement can drastically improve your ball handling skills. We are going to share some tips with you below. Do try this at home!

1. Shoulder Placement 

  • Drop shoulders down.
  • Lead your shoulders into your fakes.
  • Square your shoulders to defenders opposite hip. ex.) point your right shoulder to defenders right hip.

2. Hand/Eye Coordination

  • Look at the hoop, and use your peripherals to see the rest of the court.
  • Use your eyes to fake defender out.
  • Keep your head up, and scan the court when attacking.
  • Use your off hand to create space from your defender.

3. Dribble the Ball Quicker

  • Put power behind your dribbling - pounding the ball when dribbling allows for the ball to get back to your hand quicker and allows for less time for the defender to steal the ball.

4. Footwork

  • Stay on the balls of your feet with even balance.
  • Keep moving around to help throw off your defender and create space.
  • Continuously change your speed, and change directions.

These tips can be implemented and put into action today to help you become a more confident and skilled ball handler! Now it's time to get out and practice!