4 Drills to Help you Become a Better Shooter, That You Can Practice at Home!

To improve your shooting, it is important to stay consistent with correct form and keeping in tune with the fundamentals. Work on these 4 shooting drills and you will be more confident making your shots on game day. It is important to condition your body to the correct shooting motions, these drills will help with form, conditioning, and muscle memory. 


Off the dribble shooting

10 shots - dribble twice with right hand then shoot

10 shots - dribble once with left hand then shoot

10 shots – dribble twice with left hand then shoot

10 shots - Crossover dribble then shoot

10 shots - Dribble between the legs then shoot

10 shots - Move then shoot

Repeat X2


Defender threat shooting

  1. Use a chair as a placeholder for a defender
  2. practice catching a pass with your outside hand
  3. Use footwork and put your back to the defender(chair) to create space and break away to the hoop.

Repeat 10-15 times.


Breakaway shooting

  1. Set up 3 cones
  2. Dribble quickly around each cone as if you’re are dribbling around a defender
  3. Breakaway to your lay-up.

**It is important to focus on your foot work, dribbling, and speed throughout this drill.

Repeat X10


Free throw shooting

  1. Get to 10 points
  2. Every shot made equals 1 point, every shot missed is minus 1 point
  3. In between sets do 10 push ups to simulate what your arms would feel like during a game to make you more game day ready.

Repeat X3


Shoot smart!