3 Tips on How to Strengthen Your Non-Dominant Hand

Being able to shoot, dribble, or pass with both hands is valuable for ball players. Many players tend to favor one hand over the other but being able to use both hands dominantly can really help you stand out. Here are 3 ways to develop more confidence and consistency in your weaker hand.

1. Double hand Dribbling - Dribbling should be the  first place you start in developing your weaker hand strength.

-First start by dribbling with your weaker hand and your stronger hand behind your back. Then add in a second ball and dribble with both hands. Be sure to keep your head up at all times. Being able to dribble confidently with both hands, allows you to go up either side of the court and makes your opponent less sure of which way you will move next. 

2. Weaker Hand Passing - This drill requires a partner. You and your partner will both pass back and forth with your weaker hand, having your strong hand behind your back. Increase speed, and challenge one another, moving further apart every so often. You should pass 20-30 times each and do 3-4 sets. 

3. Weak Handed Layups- You also have to develop your non dominant had by shooting. Non-Dominant layups are a great exercise to help continue to develop that weaker hand.  

-Practice shaking your defender with a spin move then drive up the lane for the non-dominant hand layup. Next add in the reverse left-handed layup off the spin. Repeat 10-20 times.

All these drills will help you develop your weaker hand in all facets of the game. These drills will help you become an extremely effective player. You can also develop your weaker hand off the court by practicing to write with your non-dominant hand, squeezing a ball with your weaker hand, eating with your weaker hand, etc. By working on developing your non-dominant hand off the court you will be more comfortable on the court.