3 quick ball handling drills to stay sharp during the holidays

Have some time off for the Holiday's? Still make some time to practice your skills. Here are 3 quick drills you can practice on the court or at home to keep your ball handling skills sharp.

The High to low dribble – 30 seconds of transitioning back and forth from high to low dribbling. Make sure you have power behind every dribble. This drill helps you develop your control over the ball.

Over the Line dribbling – 30 seconds of dribbling back and forth over a line on the court or draw a line with chalk on the sidewalk or driveway if you are at home. Practice going up and back over the line or sideways dribbling over the line with high and low dribbling to still work on that control of the ball with movement.

Free style handling -  30  seconds of  free for all dribbling, practicing different moves like the cross over, high to low dribble, between the legs, even incorporate harder moves you may want to work on like behind the back etc.   With this drill you want to make sure to move your feet, step up, step back, and make sure to have your shoulders and feet squared and you are staying low.


Repeat each drill 3X each day during your time off with your family to keep your handling sharp in between practices and games. Having good ball handling helps you free your self from defenders and enables you to get more shots at the basket.